Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are we getting ready for Fake UFO invasion?

Stephenville Flying Saucer a beginning of something?

Hundreds of people saw it hovering over their town, yet our government immediately went on the offense and tried to convince these people to not believe ‘ their lying eyes.”
We are at the crossroads on this planet and its obvious in our weather patterns. All of the ancient civilizations have pointed to 2012 as a time when a change would be and had to be made for this planet to move forward.
So when someone describes a flying saucer that is 1 mile long and ½ mile wide it should have been a front-page story in every newspaper and the lead story on every television. It was one of the few UFO stories to actually make the press but most of the press coverage was tongue in cheek, and it was obvious the broadcasters were laughing at the people of Stephenville.

We have 20 UFO sightings a month and nearly 300 a year and we are suppose to believe that all of these people saw weather balloons or light bouncing off of passing airplanes. Bull.
In the meantime we are being fed a presidential campaign with Obama and Clinton on a nightly bases, the war in Iraq and a floundering economy. These stories are intended to take our minds off of something that I feel is very sinister in the background.
We have an unpopular president and vice president that act as though they are not leaving office and care very little about how the public feels about them. So I am proposing a theory that others in the blog world are also mulling over.
Is our government working with extraterrestrials being and getting ready for a fake UFO invasion that will suspend the elections indefinitely and keep Bush and Cheney in office through 2012? I firmly believe that something of this nature is happening if not a UFO of that size can only be used for an invasion and is certainly not and observation vehicle.

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