Friday, January 11, 2008

What Obama for President could mean

It is my belief that no-one can be President without having the approval of the people who really run this country and the world. If that is the case why is Obama looking like a possible nominee of the Democratic Party?

My Answer: I believe that Obama is a face that this country and its ruling elite are being forced to offer to the world. For the past 7 years African Americans have been the Secretary of State which is the Office of America's premier Diplomat. So we already are representing America to the rest of the nations of the world.

But now a provocative addition to this theory: what if we are looking at the return of the beings called the annunaka, who according to the bible and other books must be the same color as the original Africans created by them. Their headquarters were in the middle East exactly where we have set up shop in Iraq. All of the available information says that they will return sometimes between now and 2012, and even NASA has said that they have found a planetary body lurking just outside of our solar system, and its obviously coming this way.

Lets face it, and I am speaking as a African American, the best friends white America have are the descendants of their former slaves. We have a 400 year old relationship that should mean more than it does. white America must realize that we are the only friends they have the world in spite of our history. It's time we took this relationship seriously, especially between now and 2012.

Obama may be the final link that makes this relationship clear because he is bi-racial and both races can see some of themselves in him. But this relationship must go beyond just Obama and I have told every African American that will listen, that we are responsible for this relationship.

It's obvious that European Americans are not sure how to proceed beyond where they are so we must be their guide. The message is simple: We are the team that originally built this country and our relationship with each other will continue to define this country's present and future.

I ask you: What is the information that every African American should give their European American friends so that we can create the relationship we really need to make America and even greater nation?

I also encourage every African American to read Zacharia Sitchin books ' The Earth Chronicles" and get a new view of who we were and who we are.

Finally: it's clear that the original human tree created by anthropologist are wrong and racist because the Pygmy groups are intentionally left out. These charts were created during the 30's and 40's when whites did not want to indicate that they were descended from African people and have been left unchanged.

Their is no physical difference between Homo Erectus and the various pygmy groups. The ancient Egyptians were clear that they came from the Mountain of the moon and point directly to the pygmies who live at the base of the mountain. They have been here since the Annunaka came down and created man out of them, and this needs to be acknowledged.

Obama represents a new planetary reality and all of this will become more obvios in the years to come.

In the meantime change from your current calendar to the 13 moon calendar left by the African Olmecs in South America. it was the calendar men were intended to use and not the one created by the empire builders that needed a calendar designed to track how productive we are every day.

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